Online Scams Are Now Targeting
Young Kids and Teenagers

Fraudsters are now targeting children as young as six, resulting in over a thousand kids and teens falling victim to scams each month. A recent study revealed that individuals under 20 lost $101.4 million to online scams in 2021. These alarming numbers prove that we should be protecting our kids from these fraudulent activities.

Teen Loses $25,000 Worth of Savings to Scam

Did you hear about that teenager who lost $25,000? It’s proof that anyone in your family can fall for scams. This 18-year-old from Albany, Western Australia, was really good with money and saved every cent. But then she got a text that seemed to be from her bank, saying someone she didn’t know was trying to transfer money from her account. It looked legitimate because it came from the same number as her previous bank messages.

The message said someone she didn’t know was trying to take money from her account. The text even had a number to call if she didn’t authorize it. In a panic, she called the number. On the other end was a polite guy who seemed professional. He told her someone had hacked her account. To protect her money, he said she needed to transfer everything to another NAB account. And she believed him. She sent over all her savings, a whopping $25,158.88.

As soon as she confirmed the transfer, the guy hung up. It was only after checking the account number that she realized she transferred her money to a Commonwealth Bank account, not NAB.

This kind of scam also happened to an elderly woman in what we call grandparent scams. From the looks of it, it seems anyone in your family could fall victim to these scams. So, what are you doing to protect them?

Why are young kids being targeted?

kid with iPad

Have you seen a child with an iPad? They click on anything cool and download games they find fun. The only thing that can stop them from unlocking fancy features is if they don’t have money to buy them. 

Kids often lack the experience and skills needed to stay safe on the internet. They may not realize when they’re doing something wrong or risky. And criminals have discovered that kids can be a gateway to their parents’ personal information. They constantly search for ways to expose your name, address, phone number, credit card information, and Social Security numbers.

Children’s personal information is also highly valuable to criminals, who can exploit it to gain access to your devices and information. By obtaining a child’s personal information, criminals can open new lines of credit without detection for long periods of time. This delay in discovering identity theft gives the thieves ample opportunity to use the stolen identities for illegal purposes. 

Sangu Mail Protects Your Whole Family

We built Sangu to help protect our friends, family, and neighbors from scammers, spammers, and con artists. We understand that you can’t always be there to protect your loved ones from email threats. That’s where Sangu comes in, providing them with top-notch email security as if you were right by their side.

Here’s why Sangu stands out: Our enterprise-level personal security service safeguards your entire family. Say goodbye to worrying about your elderly parents becoming victims of phishing attacks that target their hard-earned savings and retirement funds. With Sangu Mail, they won’t have to rely on you to verify suspicious emails anymore. We’ve got it covered, instantly identifying legitimate senders from trusted banks and companies. So, even if you’re busy and can’t attend to their concerns, they won’t be left feeling anxious.

And for your young teenager who constantly faces enticing offers from potential scammers – like irresistible discounts and free game credits – Sangu’s robust email filtering and AI detection features step in to save the day. We diligently scan your inboxes, removing malicious emails before they even reach your child’s inbox.

We understand the limitations of being everywhere at once, which is why Sangu Mail is here to be your family’s protector. But that’s not all that makes us remarkable. Sangu Mail doesn’t require everyone to create new email accounts, unlike other personal email security services. You can easily enroll all your family members in a single Sangu Mail account, avoiding the hassle of learning new interfaces. Just stick with your current email provider.

Don’t wait until someone in your family falls victim to these scams. Take proactive measures to shield your loved ones with the unparalleled defense of Sangu Mail. 

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