Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sangu do?

Sangu protects your email from email Scams, Phishing, Spams and all sorts of email badness.

What kinds of bad emails are you protecting me from?

Fake Invoices
Known scammers
Malicious attachments
Spam etc

How does it work?

We query your email using IMAP as soon it enters your inbox, then we process it and replace it.

Do we delete your emails?

We replace the original so you don't have multiples of emails in your inbox.

Do you read my emails?

We only read emails that you report to us. We value your privacy.

Will it slow down my email?

Our average processing time per email is 10 seconds.

How do I know its working?

You will see banners on new and recent emails.

How do I know you are not harvesting my data?

No, we do not collect any information from your messages, nor do we sell any information to anyone, that includes marketers. We hate spam as much as you do!

Why do i need this?

Most people put security as an afterthought, only taking measures after the worst has happened, don't let that be you.

What happens when I disable my account?

We stop processing your emails, you will howver have to delete the labels we created.

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