Sangu Mail Product

Sangu Mail works by connecting to your existing mailboxes. You do not need to change the way you work or get a new email address. Sangu Mail protects what you are already used to using.

When new mail arrives, Sangu Mail takes the message and processes it through a set of custom enterprise grade systems, similar to the way a business would treat its mail. Think of this as business-class email.

Sangu Mail adds additional industrial strength filtering to your mailbox. It’s able to put messages in your spam folder that your mail provider misses and to pull messages out of your spam folder that shouldn’t be there.  It can track messages you’ve unsubscribed from, detect phishing, and even trick you into thinking they’re someone you know. At the top of new mail, Sangu Mail inserts some banners that give you useful information about each email.

Behind the scenes, Sangu Mail is built on multiple paid-for services which normally are only available to enterprises.  By subscribing in bulk, we are able to offer these enterprise grade services to individuals.

For example, we track email addresses which have been involved in recent breaches.  We subscribe to a service which scans messages in much greater detail with multiple scanners for suspicious material buried within them.

We use an AI spam detection system which gets smarter over time.  We also use Google’s vision tools to visually inspect messages being able to read an image which most spam filters would never do.

We can safely unsubscribe you from certain senders and in some cases have contacted them on client’s behalf to get them removed from their lists.  We are constantly adding more tools and more features as we continue to develop our product.

There are currently two products: Sangu Mail Lite and Sangu Mail + Google Workspace.  Soon we will be offering Sangu Mail with Microsoft Office365.  Contact us if you are interested in that.

Sangu Mail Lite

Sangu Mail connects to a Gmail account.  It processes mail and returns it to your Gmail account.

Sangu Mail + Google Workspace

Why did we start a company to protect you in cyberspace? We started this company after years of fighting against cybercriminals, scammers, and spammers for big companies when we saw the same issues on the home front. We looked long and hard at the market place and realized all of the capabilities to fend off this stuff were only in the hands of the big companies with large budgets. There was no way to protect our parents’ free email or cable company email accounts from the onslaught of spams, scams, and evil attachments they got every day.

  • We want to protect our neighbors, friends, and family from cyber criminals, scammers, and spammers
  • We want to make you smarter and more informed about cyber threats & scams so you can avoid them entirely
  • We want to virtually punch miscreants in the nose so they can’t commit more crimes or profit from them
The tools and services we could get were not keeping up with the rapid pace of change. In the “you are the product” internet platform landscape where you get free services in exchange for giving up information about your life, the motivation was not to make a great experience for you, but rather to keep you attached to the platform. If the spams, scams and evil were not so bad you left the platform then all was good for that platform, but not you…

Google Workspace is Google’s business class Gmail account.  We resell it so that individuals can have Sangu Mail protection with this too.  With Sangu Mail + Google Workspace, you get the same Sangu Mail protection plus a Google Workspace user account.  Your existing emails are synchronized in real-time into your new Workspace account.  You do not need to change your email address.  You can import multiple accounts into a single Workspace account.

Google Workspace accounts offer 30gb of space and more features over the free Google tools.  Unless  you run a business and have your own domain name, an individual would not easily be able to get one of these types of accounts.  We take on all of the complexity and offer it to you and bundle it with our Sangu Mail service.

Report Things To Real People

When email arrives that you have questions about you can report it to our staff.  This is just like you have an IT department at your service for your personal email account!

If for any reason you want someone to look at an email, for example it’s suspicious, or if we told you it was suspicious and it wasn’t, you can easily click a link we add to the top of the emails.  The email is sent to our analyst team (yes, they do wear beanie hats!) and they will look at it and get back to you, often within a few minutes.

The analysts are able to tweak the system.  Unlike reporting messages by just pressing the Spam button, our analyst team actually looks at the messages you report.  You have several options to give them a little extra information as well.