Why Am I Getting So Much Email Spam?

email spam

We all receive a lot of annoying email spam these days. These are unsolicited messages that promote various things, from weight loss products to questionable financial offers. They’re not only bothersome but can also be a security risk. In this article, we’ll explore why we get so much spam and share ways to stop it. 

Why Spam Keeps Coming

Your Email Gets Found Online

Ever wondered why you get spam even when you’re careful about sharing your email? If you’ve ever put your email online, like on your website, social media, or forums, spammers might have grabbed it using automated bots. These bots scan the internet for emails and create lists for sending spam.

Companies Sell Your Info
Companies can legally sell your email if you’ve given them permission. This can be hidden in their privacy policies. Even if you haven’t dealt with a company, they might get your email from other sources and flood you with spam.

Hackers Access Your Account

Protecting your email is crucial to avoiding spam. Hackers who get into your email can sign you up for harmful newsletters. This fills your inbox with spam and puts your security at risk.

Hacked Contacts Spread Spam

Even if you secure your email, your contacts’ hacked accounts can still send spam. Hackers can send deceptive emails from familiar senders, tricking you into interacting with them and potentially spreading malware.

How Spammers Operate

Brute Force Attacks: Relentless Guessing

Think of brute force attacks as digital thieves trying countless email and password combinations to break into your account. Their success depends on your password’s strength.

Dictionary Attacks: Targeted Guesses

Similar to brute force, dictionary attacks use likely passwords from lists. With personal info, like family names, they guess smartly. Strong passwords help against these attacks.

Email Retargeting

Some spam blurs the line with retargeting. Legit companies might use this to reach interested users. However, unclear data use and consent can trap recipients in a gray area.

Fighting Back Against Spam

  • Don’t open or click on spam emails. This confirms your active email to spammers. Also, disable automatic image downloads to avoid tracking pixels.
  • Activate and adjust your email provider’s spam filters. These settings can greatly reduce unwanted emails.
  • Instead of deleting spam, move it to the spam folder. This helps train your email filter and gives feedback to security teams for faster action.


While spam can be irritating, knowing why it happens and taking action can help you regain control. By protecting your email, avoiding spam interactions, and using filters, you can reduce annoyance and risks. Tools like Sangu Mail can further boost your email security for a safer online experience.

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