The 5 Things GMail Can’t Do


In 2023, GMail boasts a massive user base of 1.8 billion people worldwide. While it’s undoubtedly a top-tier email service with advanced features and killer search capabilities, it’s not quite the ultimate email system we’ve all been dreaming of.

Interestingly, around 69% of spam detection relies solely on email subject lines. However, not all spam mail uses spammy email subject lines. 

There are five key areas where GMail is not quite hitting the mark:

  1. Gmail lets some of the most vicious scams through to your inbox, like fake invoices, which if you respond,  you can get sucked into losing a large amount of money. These scams often employ sophisticated techniques, such as mimicking trusted contacts or utilizing convincing logos, making them even harder to identify at first glance.
  2. Gmail can’t tell you if the sender’s email was recently breached warning you that the email you just got from your friend or relative might not actually be from them. This lack of real-time breach detection in Gmail highlights a significant vulnerability, as cybercriminals can exploit compromised email accounts to launch convincing phishing attacks. 
  3. Gmail doesn’t provide support to help you with individual emails you receive, for example, to help you block something once and for all. While Gmail offers certain automated filtering features, the lack of dedicated support can make it challenging for users to tailor their inbox experience according to their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Gmail doesn’t descriptively tell you when a sender is legitimate or suspicious. This means if a spam email bypassed the filters, the receiver might still get scammed.

    Sangu Mail’s descriptive banners also tell you if the email came from a legitimate and official company email address. If not, you will receive a warning to be cautious. Learn more about this feature.

  5. GMail’s unsubscribe button doesn’t seem to work (or maybe not always), leading to a continued influx of unwanted emails. This happens because some senders may ignore unsubscribe requests, or Gmail’s algorithm might not consistently recognize and divert such messages effectively

While Gmail offers a ton of features and capabilities, there are certain limitations that many users find annoying. To ensure the utmost security and protection for your sensitive communications, it’s essential to go beyond Gmail’s built-in security measures. 

Sangu Mail actually works on top of Gmail and other email platforms, tapping into all their cool features. Safeguard your digital communications with Sangu Mail’s enterprise-strength email security solution and experience a new level of confidence in your email correspondence.

It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your messages, shielding you from those next-level threats that can sneak past the usual defenses. 

Go ahead, email with confidence! 

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