Who We Are

SANGU protects its users from advanced cybersecurity threats!


About Us

Sangu’s mission is to protect both businesses and individuals with enterprise-grade security. Even with the many email security tools in the market, the amount of scam and fraud emails is still increasing. Our founders saw this as an opportunity to take a fresh approach towards protecting emails, particularly in giving users the option to verify whether an email is legitimate or not. 

Sangu Email is one of our first few products in a line of security software. Our future plan is to protect the user in as many ways as possible, particularly in social media, messaging or chat, and eventually their home network. As more companies are migrating towards hybrid email platforms and receiving more potential spam and phishing emails, having a reliable security system is more important than ever. Unlike other products, we focus on educating users and actually solving their issues with email. Learn more about how to send emails for analysis here.