About Us

SANGU protects its users from advanced cybersecurity threats!


What is our Why?

Why did we start a company to protect you in cyberspace? We started this company after years of fighting against cybercriminals, scammers, and spammers for big companies when we saw the same issues on the home front. We looked long and hard at the market place and realized all of the capabilities to fend off this stuff were only in the hands of the big companies with large budgets. There was no way to protect our parents’ free email or cable company email accounts from the onslaught of spams, scams, and evil attachments they got every day. 

The tools and services weI could get were not keeping up with the rapid pace of change. In the “you are the product” internet platform landscape where you get free services in exchange for giving up information about your life, the motivation was not to make a great experience for you, but rather to keep you attached to the platform. If the spams, scams and evil were not so bad you left the platform then all was good for that platform, but not you…